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Important information on the UEFA EURO 2008™ in Salzburg in the language of our guests and fans from Greece, Sweden, Russia and Spain.
Host City Salzburg Salzburg - UEFA EURO 2008™
Salzburg is so beautiful, that it was declared a Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO, and so famous, that the Salzburg Festival is one of the world’s most renowned.
Host City Salzburg Matches held in the Host City Salzburg
Salzburg is looking forward to three exciting group matches and international football stars - and guests from all over Europe are looking forward to Salzburg!
Host City fan zones UEFA EM 2008™ - Fan zones
Video walls, a stage, a food court, pagodas and a VIP area will be set up on Residence Square and Mozart Square.
Celebrating, dining, partying, football ... Celebrating, dining, partying, football …
Enjoy the cordial atmosphere and royal service, whether you go to one of the famous coffeehouses, a traditional restaurant or a gourmet temple.
Salzburg FanCard Salzburg FanCard
The “FanCard” provides admission to attractions, museums, exhibitions and offers free public transport in the city and province of Salzburg.

European Football Championship - Packages

European Football Championship - Packages
Enjoy the UEFA EURO 2008™ in Salzburg and have an unforgettable time. Combine affordable hotel accommodations with attractive extra services.
Directions to the UEFA EURO 2008™ Stadium Directions to the UEFA EURO 2008™ Stadium
Directions and shuttle service – the fastest and most convenient ways to access the UEFA EURO 2008™ stadium.
Host City Salzburg - Contact Contact to the Salzburg Euro-organization
Host City Salzburg: your contact for general tourist inquiries or specific questions regarding the 2008 European Football Championship in Salzburg.

A cultural city in football fever

World Heritage Site - The entire historical city center was declared a UNESCO “World Heritage Site” in 1997 for its unique beauty and the unity of its many cultural monuments deserving protection.

Stage of the World - Salzburg is famous around the world as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as a city of incomparable architectural beauty, as a high-ranking cultural city and as a stage for 4000 high-caliber events each year.

Culture and Festival city - Culture in all of its facets has always been at home in Salzburg. The world-famous Salzburg Festival has been a prestigious event drawing an enthusiastic audience ever since it was founded in the early 20th century.


Mozart’s City - Nowhere in the world is Mozart’s music interpreted as consummately as in the city of his birth. His work is omnipresent and can be heard in the large concert halls, in palaces, churches as well as in the old streets of the beautiful city.

Sound of Music city - Hollywood’s “The Sound of Music”, filmed in the city of Salzburg and its immediate environs, contributed to the city’s international fame. The filming locations still draw many tourists from around the world.

Congress and trade fair city - Salzburg not only has a resplendent past but the modern city on the Salzach River has also played an important role in hosting international congresses and trade fairs. Its location in the heart of Europe makes it a sought-after business location and a leading city of universities; its unparalleled flair and offerings makes it an attractive shopping city.