The countdown clock at the forecourt of Salzburg main station appears already like a relic from old days. The clock and some scattered flags remind of the huste and bustle in Salzburg during the UEFA EURO 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. Now the carriages are back at Residence Place where fans have been engrossed in the match in front of the video walls and the city of Salzburg prepares for the next cultural highlight of the year - the Salzburg Festival 2008.

Anyway for now the Host City Salzburg UEFA EURO 2008 Weblog will stay online and we are glad about every visitor who wants to wallow in memories. Apropos space for your memories is in our “UEFA EURO 2008 in Salzburg” group. We are happy about every photo from your experience in Salzburg!

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Well, bye then - Servus from Salzburg!