Spain is European Champion 2008

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Spain celebrates deservedly its first title since 1964. The Spanish team dominated the final match of UEFA EURO 2008 and sent the Germans home at a result of 0:1. Torres could bring out the decision with his stroke in the 33rd minute of the game.

Germany - Spain 0:1

0:1 (33.) 3D goal analysis on


Spain rolls into final

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The Spanish won deservedly against the Russians and roll into final. The Spanish convinced with a sovereign performance from their defensive unit through to the strikers.

Russia - Spain 0:3

0:1 (50.): 3D goal analysis on
0:2 (73.): 3D goal analysis on
0:3 (82.): 3D goal analysis on

I am looking forward to a hopefully exciting UEFA EURO 2008 final on Sunday, June 29 between Spain and Germany.

Germany rolls into final

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Germany - Turkey 3:2

Goal 1 (22.): 3D goal analysis on 
Goal 2 (26.): 3D goal analysis on
Goal 3 (79.): 3D goal analysis on
Goal 4 (86.): 3D goal analysis on
Goal 5 (90.): 3D goal analysis on

Now let’s see if the following quotation form Gary Lineker comes true: “Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win.”

Josef Hickersberger resigns

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Josef Hickersberger has announced his resignation as national coach of the Austrian team.

The Austrian Football Association now has to appoint a new coach as fast as possible because the first qualification match for the FIFA World Cup 2010 already takes place September 6, 2008.

The Austrian broadcasting (ORF) would have suggested the following candidates:

  • Ivica Osim
  • Andreas Herzog
  • Kurt Jara
  • Volker Finke
  • Matthias Sammer
  • Walter Schachner
  • Zlatko Kranjcar

Hopefully those responsible will take the right decision…

Salzburg fan page in Facebook

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For all those who had a good time in Salzburg during the UEFA EURO 2008 or simply love the city of Salzburg we have established a fan page in Facebook. So if you would like to voice your feelings for Salzburg you are cordially invited to the “Salzburg Tourist Office” fan page.

Be part of it…

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